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Recovering from Spinal Fusion Surgery

For people who have experienced back pain, they know just how uncomfortable and painful it can be at times. Many doctors may recommend the procedure of spinal fusion surgery to correct the problem. The doctor may choose a spinal fusion operation over other options, because he may feel that it will provide a quicker fix to the problem versus other treatments. Once a patient goes through spinal fusion surgery, there are procedures that must be followed to ensure a safe recovery.

After spinal fusion surgery, the patient must follow the doctor’s orders precisely. The doctor will give the patient pain management strategies as well as dos and don’ts after the surgery along with a recommended course of physiotherapy. The instructions and guidelines the doctor provides is necessary for the patient’s health.

Keeping communication open with the doctor after the procedure is vital. Spinal fusion surgery is a serious surgery and needs to be managed with ultimate care. If the patient has any complications or problems, they should contact their doctor immediately so that the problem can be fixed quickly. If there is still pain in the back, the patient needs to discuss other solutions with the doctor.

Other than the doctor’s recommendations, there are other things the patient should do to promote the healing process. It all begins with positive thinking. Believe it or not, this is a critical part of the recovery process. If someone continually thinks they will not get better, it will be true. Mentally influencing one’s own recovery does help.

Before the surgical procedure, the patient should prepare. The surgery will force changes in the patient’s daily life. One should prepare to have frozen foods ready to eat for a while so the patient does not risk straining the back trying to cook. The house should be arranged to be as suitable as possible for the patient to enter and exit without problems.

Before the surgery, the patient should have a routine exercise program in place. This will help the patient gain more strength in their back without as much physical limitations after surgery. An exercise routine will be put in place by a certified therapist after the surgery as well. This should begin as soon as possible after surgery. All of this goes hand-in-hand with resting as well. It does not mean the patient will stay in bed all day and night, but the activities recommended by the doctor and therapist must be followed to ensure recovery.

It’s very important for the patient to have a safe and quick recovery from their spinal surgery to make their lifestyle as comfortable as possible. Following the doctor’s advice will ensure recovery is a success.


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