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A Summary of Neck Pain

Almost everyone will experience some sort of neck pain at one point and time in their life. Even though the words “neck pain” sounds pretty straightforward, each case with each person is different and individualized. Everyone can have a different and unique experience with pain in the neck. What one person may be diagnosed with and treated with can be totally different from the next person.

Pains in the neck can be caused from several different things. This sounds pretty simple, but we have to keep in mind that the neck is what supports our head. Believe it or not, a human head can weigh over 15 pounds. If you compare that to carrying around a 15 pound weight all day, you can probably understand why this can put so much pressure on your neck and spine. If a person has a desk job and sits all day with their neck tilted, they can suffer neck aches. If you sleep in a position that is not normal, you may have a lot of neck problems. Bending, reaching, lifting and moving different directions all day long can cause strain on the neck.

As we grow, we can have a lot of neck injuries and pain. Degenerative disc diseases such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis can cause people to have pains in their neck.

When people are involved in accidents that result in whiplash, the pain can be very intense in the neck area. Traumas to the neck such as falling or car accidents can result in herniated discs which can cause lots of pain in the neck. The neck may have always been pain free before the trauma, but now this can cause excruciating pain in the neck.

The way people feel neck pain can vary as well. Some people will feel pain if they tilt their head forward or backward. Some people feel pain then they turn their head. Some will have pain after a trauma for a week or two, and some will suffer with chronic pain in the neck that is ongoing after a trauma.

Treatment for the pain can be through medication or physical interventions. Medications that are often used for pain in the neck are acetaminophen, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. The physical treatments that can be used include chiropractic treatment, heat treatment, acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage therapy. In most cases, an exercise routine is recommended.

The most common of treatments for pain in the neck is hot and cold treatments. Many times, physiotherapy is recommended. Physiotherapy is done by an experienced and licensed physiotherapist. Their objective is to lessen the amount of intense pain that is in the neck area. They strive to regain better range of motion, and they educate the patient on what may have caused the neck pain and how to prevent it in the future.

As you can see, neck pain, the causes for it and the treatments can be a complex issue. Because the issue is so common, it will continue to be an important issue.


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