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Low Back Pain Treatment

It’s no wonder that so many people suffer from low back pain. The lower back is a sophisticated and intricate structure made up of spinal discs, joints that are small and complex, tendons, muscles, and a system of sensitive nerves. That means there are a lot of things that go wrong and cause pain.

Low back pain treatment depends on the severity of the pain and the history that the patient has with back pain. Most low back pain will go away by using one or more of number of simple treatments. Surgery is usually a last resort if the following treatment options aren’t successful.

The first options for treatment are at home remedies:

  • Heat and ice - Some people find that applying heat or ice to the lower back helps to relieve the pain. They can be used alone or heat and ice applications can be alternated.
  • Resting - Stopping any rigorous activity for a few days after an injury can help the injured area start to heal. Resting can even help to heal nerve roots if they have been injured. Once the healing starts, the pain should begin to go away. It is, however, not recommended to rest for more than a few days. Too much rest can cause the muscles to get weak and weak muscles cannot give proper support to the spine.
  • Medication - There are over-the-counter medication and prescription drugs that can be used for low back pain treatment. Some reduce the inflammation that may be causing the pain. Others are designed to keep pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Exercise - This is probably one of the most important parts of low back pain treatment. There should be three parts to an exercise regimen to treat back pain: stretching, aerobic workout, and muscle strengthening. Depending on doctor recommendations, the exercise program can be done at home, with a physical therapist, or with a chiropractor. The exercise treatments should start slowly and build up progressively. The goal is to make the spine stronger and more flexible.

Other options for low back pain treatment if these simpler at-home remedies don’t work include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - This can decrease the pain and inflammation that is causing the pain and improve range of motion and functionality.
  • Steroid injections - Injections of steroids can be done directly into the area of the lower back where the pain is. These injections do not heal the problem, but provide pain relief so that the patient can begin an exercise program.

Some people have had luck with more non-traditional methods of low back pain treatment like acupuncture and massage. If none of these methods work, surgery may be the only option left.


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