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Will Drinking Stab You in the Back - With Chronic Pain?


Back pain is common, annoying, and unfortunately mysterious. The effects it has on health and happiness are all too obvious but pinpointing a specific cause can be difficult bordering on impossible. Many daily activities can strain your spine. What you eat, how you sleep, and the shoes you wear can all be sources of spinal issues. The only definitive way to find out what is causing your pain is to isolate all of the things it could be and to systematically stop doing them one by one. This is clearly a tedious process. With that said there are some things that exacerbate back pain; alcohol, for example, can negatively impact your spinal happiness.

Alcohol hasn’t been found to cause back pain. However, doctors have found a link between alcoholics and chronic pain. Excessive drinking can irritate an underlying condition, whether by increasing sensitivity to an already existing condition or simply by poisoning the body.

Another factor to keep in mind is the way in which your body registers pain. Nerves can transmit pain from one area to have it manifest in another. This is especially true of internal injuries. Certain liver or respiratory problems caused by over-drinking can manifest in the back. Even if you do not drink heavily your discomfort might be a reaction to an allergy. A person suffering from Celiac disease, an allergy to wheat, could manifest that allergy with spinal problems.

Depending on the amount of drink you consume it might also be altering your sleep patterns, which in turn can be a source of pain. The position you sleep in, your breathing patterns, and the amount of time you have to sleep are all contributing factors that can be influenced by an excess of drinking. Keep this in mind as you hunt for the cause of your problems. Again, experimentation is key.

So what do you do if you suffer from pervasive spinal pain? See a doctor, do some research, and make a list of possible causes. If you think that drinking could be one of those factors don’t drink for a few weeks or months and see if that helps. Even if the problems persist it may help a bit. If going without your night cap doesn’t appeal to you try drinking a different alcohol and determine if you are allergic or sensitive to your normal drink. By altering habits one at a time you can generally narrow down the source of discomfort.


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