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Practicing Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a problem that impacts several individuals each day. Whether it originated from pulling the muscle while lifting a heavy object or it is related to nerve damage, it is possible to relieve the pain. Yoga for back pain is designed to help reduce the discomfort by stretching out the muscles and improving the alignment of the spine. Practicing yoga and using the right poses will result in reduced rates of back pain over time.

Back Pain and Yoga

Yoga for back pain relief is not limited, but it will take time to gain the flexibility to lengthen the muscles in the core and find total relief from pain. Yoga is useful when the pain relates to tight muscles, poor posture, limited flexibility in the core muscles or pain related to movements.

Yoga is particularly helpful when back pain is located in the lower back muscles because the pain is usually related to poor posture or muscle pain. The effectiveness will depend on the situation, but the stretches are useful in any case of back pain when it is performed correctly and the body is given time to adjust to the new movement.

Stretching in Poses

Yoga poses are ideal when it comes to stretching out the muscles in the back. Yoga for back pain focuses on stretching out and strengthening the muscles in the back, abdominals and lower body. When the body is flexible, the risks of strains or pulls from movement are reduced.

Stretching in yoga poses will help in a few key ways, which include:

  • Strengthening the muscles of the back
  • Improving abdominal strength
  • Increasing flexibility throughout the body
  • Aligning the spinal cord
  • Improving posture

Yoga for back pain focuses on stretches that improve flexibility in the legs, hips and back without putting extra strain on the muscles. The body is stretched, but the back will not take the brunt of the exercises.

Simple Poses for Back Pain

Yoga poses that improve back pain include several options. The key is learning the different poses and putting them into practice each day. Simple poses that help with back pain include:

  • Child’s pose
  • Downward facing dog
  • Pigeon 
  • Cobra pose

By incorporating the poses into a daily routine, the back will stretch out and the muscles will lengthen. Over time, the body will begin healing and the pain in the back will reduce.

It is not necessary to suffer with back pain for extended periods of time. Back pain relief is available with a combination of heat, stretches and careful exercise. Yoga stretches provide relief to back pain by improving posture, aligning the spine and allowing the muscles to lengthen. Over time, the stretches will result in lower rates of pain.


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