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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic healthcare professionals specialize in ailments of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. In particular, they look at the way that these various ailments can impact an individual’s overall health and happiness. Chiropractic care is the process of treating these disorders, and includes addressing problems ranging from headaches and pain in the arms and legs to severe back pain.

Physicians who specialize in chiropractic care are also referred to more generally as chiropractors. Chiropractors carry out a practice which involves a hands on approach to the patient's well-being. This approach includes careful examination, thorough diagnosis and treatment, all while avoiding the use of drugs. These professionals have a wide range of powerful diagnostic skills and are highly trained in modern chiropractic rehabilitation and therapy. Combined with these rehabilitative exercises, chiropractors can also help to provide patients with useful dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

There are a number of procedures that chiropractors can carry out as a part of chiropractic care, with the most common being a procedure referred to as spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment. During this procedure, the goal is to is to attempt to return joint mobility to normal by manual manipulation. This is accomplished by applying a small amount of force in areas that have become restricted in their motion, or hypomobile. This injury can be a consequence of repetitive motions or frequent stresses, such as poor posture or sitting in an uncomfortable, poorly designed chair for a long length of time. It can also result from a single accident or event, such as lifting a heavy object from the floor improperly.

Regardless of the reason for the injury, the tissues will have undergone changes, both physically and chemically, that can result in severe pain, inflammation and diminished functionality and quality of life for the patient. When the chiropractor adjusts the relevant joints and tissues, this can relieve pain and swelling and help accelerate healing in the tissues. Patients will rarely feel any particular discomfort during the adjustment process. However, following the treatment process patients do occasionally feel slight soreness or an ache in the muscles and joints involved. This is usually mild and similar to what you might experience after exercising. This discomfort generally goes away within a day or two.

Chiropractic care can also be used as the primary treatment when dealing with issues such as lower back pain. In addition, when the patient has other medical conditions as well, chiropractic treatments can supplement other medical treatments by helping to relieve discomfort associated with that condition. Chiropractors will always assess the appropriateness of chiropractic treatment for a patient and will refer the patient to other appropriate health care providers when suitable.


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