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Bulging Discs are Very Common

A bulging disc is one of the most common back problems, especially for aging people. As a person gets older, the outer portion of a person's intervertebral discs can wear down. This means that the core of a person's disc might stretch to the outer rim of the disc, causing pain and discomfort. Many people can have a bulging disc without ever knowing, and the symptoms won't show up until that disc begins to put pressure on one of the adjacent nerves. When that happens, an individual can experience serious back pain and other pain throughout the body. When you find yourself facing this common problem, there are a number of potential fixes. Here are three effective bulging disc treatment methods.>

Rest: Best Remedy for a Mild Problem

Most people just have to fight a slight bulging disc. These people have problems that will generally fix themselves, and many physicians will recommend rest as the first line of attack. They will recommend that people not just sit around, though. Rest means that people suffering from a bulging disc should not engage in the sort of activity that puts pressure on the disc. For instance, if you have a disc problem in your lower back, then perhaps you should take a break from exercises that require you to bend at the waist. It is not necessary for most people to completely stop exercise though stopping specific types of movements may be required.

Alternating Hot and Cold Treatments

Many people with bulging discs do their best to alternate hot and cold treatments. They may start with ice application in order to bring down swelling. Ice will stop the inflammation, and it can also reduce the pain associated with a bulging disc. After applying ice, many people will apply heat. Heating pads can also reduce pain, and this treatment has the added benefit of reducing stiffness, as well. Reducing stiffness can help to improve movement ability, and this can give a person a better chance at completing exercises that might strengthen the back.

Laser Spine Surgery

Some people have more serious disc problems. When simply rest and the basic home treatments are not enough, it might be best to consult a physician about the potential for laser spine surgery. While all back surgery brings about some risks, laser spine surgery is significantly less invasive than most. Laser spine surgery can often be done on an outpatient basis, giving people the opportunity get the relief they need. This type of surgery can relieve the pressure associated with a bulging disc, doing away with the pain that comes when that outer rim bumps up against the sensitive nerves in the neck and throughout the back.


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