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How to Know the Best Office Chair When You Meet It

Give your back a break, with the best office chair -- the one that is right for you.

An ill-fitting office chair can make your back literally feel like it is breaking, and the pains won’t go away when the office day ends.

That is because the human body is not made to sit for long periods of time. Even with the best office chair in the world, for good back health everyone needs to get up and at least stretch, or walk a few steps, every half hour.

There are countless varieties of office chairs, of course. But there are a few clues to which one is the best office chair for you. 

  • Take the 90-degree test. Sit at your work station and place your hands on your desk, or your keyboard. If your arms form about a 90-degree angle at your elbows, your desk/keyboard is at the right height. If they don’t, your chair needs to be raised or lowered to get that important 90-degree angle. Otherwise you are going to feel back and shoulder stress no matter what kind of chair you have.
  • If your chair is the right height, check to see if you can slide your fingers under your thighs where the chair ends. If you can’t because your thighs are pressed against the chair, it means you should raise your feet by putting them on a pad or a box or something that will get the pressure off your thighs. Otherwise your blood circulation is going to be impeded, and you are going to feel some aches and pains because of it.
  • Now, make sure the chair cushions your lower back. Otherwise, as the work day wears on, you will feel some tiredness, and will slump a little in your chair. This is going to stress your lower spine discs, and they will eventually let you know about it in a painful way.

Some people are fond of the Swedish kneeling chair. It does not support the back but it does promote good posture. People who suffer from back pain would do well to consult with their doctor before committing to such a chair, but many who have done so say that it is the best office chair for them.

That is the key to finding the chair that is right for you. Try different chairs, keeping in mind the 90-degree test, the lack of pressure on your thighs from the edge of the chair, and the needed support for your lower back. Getting the chair that is right for you will make your work day better, more productive and more comfortable – and you’re worth it!


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