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Balance Ball Exercises for Back Pain Sufferers

Knowing what constitutes back pain is necessary to knowing how to repair the damage. Muscles are wrapped around joints. Bones can't stand on their own. They need a support system. The muscles propel the body's movement, protecting the bones and joints. Pain happens when muscles are overtaxed or hyper-stretched. Muscle tension from sitting too long at the office or standing behind a counter eight hours is the most common form of back pain.

The outer layer of muscles sustains the most back pain. The inner layer, or core, is used for balance. For example, walking along a log to get to the other side of the creek uses the inner layer of muscles to keep the body balanced. Much like this is the use of the exercise balance ball. An unstable surface requires the inner core muscles to keep the body balanced while on the surface. The inner core muscles tighten up to keep the body balanced or the body would fall. This tightening action tones the muscles as the outer layer of muscles is being worked out or toned.

This toning affects the body in two ways. When the outer layer of muscle has not been stretched nor worked out, they are relaxed. Sitting or standing tenses them. Overtaxing or hyper-stretching makes them tear. When the muscles are properly worked out, they have received oxygenated blood which nourishes them. They are well prepared to work.

The inner layer, or core, becomes strong through targeted exercise on an exercise balance ball. When pain happens, this inner core shuts down. Just as inflammation is the packing of body fluids around an injured member, so the inner core stops working when pain registers. This core must be jump-started into working again when the pain stops.

Now envision the body on an exercise balance ball. The body is performing crunches with knees bent to take pressure off the lower back. The hands are resting on the head. The body is being pulled up and down by a combination of core and outer muscles. The core muscles are keeping the body stable while the outer layer is being worked out simultaneously. Neither is strained or overtaxed.

Engaging both sets of muscles tightens them. Pain from tearing or hyper-stretching relaxed muscles won't happen because the body is forcing the muscles to work. It's much like keeping leather oiled; leather won't crack or tear if it is properly moisturized. It's the same with muscles.

An exercise balance ball also keeps the knees in good shape. Strain to the legs can affect back pain as well. Since muscle systems are interconnected, keeping the legs toned and strong will help back pain as well.


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